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1. Will you supply to any part of India? What would the change in cost in that case be?
Yes, we supply to any part of the country. There would be a slight revision of cost in delivery charges depending on the distance .Our tele callers will work it out and send the data.
2. How many days will it take to deliver the teaching aid products?
The maximum delivery duration is one month.
3. Do you have a minimum Order value for placing the orders?
A minimum of 5 products.
4. How can I get the price list?
Our area executives or tele callers will mail you the price list on request.
5. Can you give us details about Packaging, Transport and Tax?
6. Is there any support material or Video demo to learn how to use the product?
We provide you with a video demo cd for all the products as a support material.
7. If I have any doubt, how to clarify them?
You are most welcome to contact us through phone or internet.
8. Will you provide us with service in case of any component replacements ?
Most of the components are easily available in the market. In case of rare materials we will come to your assistance.
9. Can you provide us with the Warranty coverage facilities?
10. Do you have an online Shopping?
11. Can I gift my relative/friend? Will you deliver the product to their address? Can you brief the procedure please?
12. Can I gift my Kids school on the occasion of- Birthday, Annual day, Teachers day etc?
13. Will this be useful for Science exhibition?
These products can be used for science exhibitions. Since it is based completely on the student curriculum.
14. Can I get a customized model against concept?
Surely. We welcome your suggestions and provide customization accordingly.
15. Can I refer any school and could I be benefited from that in anyway?
16. What about dealership/distributionship?
17. How to participate in the video Conference?
18. Will you supply teaching Aids for CSR Activities/what branding advantage will we get?
Surely. We welcome your suggestions and provide customization accordingly.
19. For collage curriculum, are any models available?
20. Workshop on request, what would be the participation charges?
Workshop is to promote creative teaching methods which the vision of our Late President and Nuclear Scientist Shri A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, and so it is absolutely free. We dedicate our creations to him.
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